One of the most unique languages

Japanese is a language that bears no clear resemblances to any other language in the world. It uses three writing systems (カタカナ, ひらがな and 漢字) and its grammar is completely different than that of English or Dutch! Nevertheless, Japanese is spoken by over 130 million people worldwide and it has become increasingly popular due to the growing popularity of anime, manga and J-pop.


My method of teaching Japanese

I use a method that is specifically designed to pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test; an annual standardized test to evaluate and certify Japanese language proficiency administered by the Ministry of Education in Japan and by the Japan Foundation overseas. A certificate of the JLPT is recognized in Japan and often a prerequisite for people who want to work or live in Japan. There are 5 levels (as shown in the left-side menu). It it my experience that students will need between 15 and 20 classes to be able to pass level N5.
Most of my groups courses are aimed at this JLPT and I find that this is the best way to learn Japanese. However, if you want a different aim (e.g. only speaking, anime, business), I can also provide a costumized curriculum.
I also offer classes through skype, and selfstudy classes (for the levels N5 and N4).