Surprisingly easy!

Dutch is west-Germanic language. Other languages in this family include English, German, Frisian, Yiddish and Afrikaans. If you already speak one of these languages, then learning Dutch is going to be a piece of cake! Although its pronunciation is sometimes problematic; it is quite possible to learn a lot of Dutch in a very short time!


My method of teaching Dutch

Rarely do I get any students who want to learn Dutch because they like the language so much. Most people that want to study this language are expats living in the Netherlands. Therefore, survival dutch is generally the focus of my courses. Even though we are going to learn grammar as well, the main focus is conversation. You should be able to get your message across, even if your sentences are not without grammatical mistakes.
During the classes, we will focus on conversation and basic grammar. After the classes, you can go online and learn vocabulary through an interactive learning platform. Studying has never been more convenient!

I also over Conversation Training. In these classes, we just talk in Dutch as much as we can, while I write down the mistakes your make. At the end of class, we discuss the mistakes.