Let's learn a new language!

Hello! My name is Rody. I'm 25 years old, I just moved to Rotterdam and I'm in my final year of Scandinavian Linguistics at the university of Amsterdam. From an early age I've been spending a lot of time living in Tokyo; where I set up my own Japanese-English proofreading company (engrish.ne.jp).
In the Netherlands, I went on to studying linguistics in Groningen and took up a part-time job teaching English and Japanese at a language center when I suddenly had a change of heart. Rather than learning about language, I wanted to focus on actually learning languages and helping other to learn them, too!
Now that I moved to central Rotterdam, I am trying to stay active as a language instructor. I work for JN Connect! (jnconnect.com), a company that focusses on anything Dutch-Japanese related.